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Published Tones?

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Maybe later today.. I'm gonna start with what I know. For instance, Johnny Winter songs come back with a Soldano, Im gonna change it and Publish. There's a good post somewhere here on how to approach the whole tone matching thing.... I'll do a few of those and report back.....by this evening..... that post I'm talking about should be a sticky..

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Here are a couple I've published. Not everyone's cup of tea, but they help to serve some of my needs...


CC @ Mintons (linked to the Charlie Christian song Swing To Bop from the CD 1941 Historical Performances At Minton's Playhouse)

This is my take on the sound of the 1939 Gibson ES-150 during live recordings of Charlie Christian at after-hour jams at Minton's in NYC (circa 1941)


63 Fender Vibroverb Jazz (linked to the George Barnes Quartet song When Sunny Gets Blue from the CD Don't Get Around Much Anymore)

This tone really doesn't have a clear link with George Barnes but it was a tone I wanted to publish representing the sound of a 63 Fender Vibroverb. It works okay for G.Barnes and other 60's inspired jazz/pop sounds, but mostly I use it as a default tone for everything from jump-blues to reggae/ska/rocksteady.


Here's another tone I like which I did not develop/publish.  It was already there.


Ventures surf lead (linked to the Ventures song Apache) from the CD Ventures Gold.

This is classic surf tone -- especially sweet on the bridge pickup of a vintage Strat.

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