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Snapshots with MIDI CC


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Hey, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to change the Snapshot with my MIDI Foot Controller. Where can I set this?


I see the "Snapshot Index" parameter in Reaper, but it only goes from the current Snapshot to the 8th one, when I assign it. I'm guessing this is better controlled inside of Helix, ya?



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Hi Adam, I also found this very confusing.  Some say to set the ccs to 80 for ss1, 81 for ss2 etc.  Some say 80-87 for ss1, 88-96 for 2 etc.  I have tried both and nether work consistently.  I had one patch working for a song with 4 Snapshots set to buttons 1-4 on my HX FX which I'm using as a controller.  All was working perfectly.  Got to performance and all I could get was ss8!  Incidentally, I'm using Native within MainStage and Logic.

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