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I have a late 2009 MacBook Pro model 5,3 running Mac OS 10.9.6 (Mavericks) and using the Firewire 400 interface with a MOTU 8Pre Audio Interface.  The 8 Pre has a single MIDI port (IN/OUT) that I have been using to connect my Floor POD Plus to the laptop running the Vyzex Editor/Librarian.  Everything was fine...I would start up Vyzex and the Floor POD Plus would be found and the download from it would commence and I could do all of the great things the editor facilitated.  Then the power supply assembly of my MOTU interface quit working and the MOTU unit would not even turn on, much less process any audio or MIDI data.  I replaced the power supply assembly and the MOTU seems to work fine - all the inputs and outputs work as, when I fire up the Vyzex software, it does not find my Floor POD Plus.  I've checked, changed, and verified over and over all the Mac OS Audio/MIDI settings.  The OS is seeing and recognizing the MOTU interface MIDI port.  I have other MIDI ports being used by other equipment and they seem to work fine in the Mac OS.  The Vyzex software error messages tell me to reset the MIDI IN/OUT ports in the software, which I do and still get no recognition of the Floor POD Plus.  I employed the MIDI Monitor feature of the Vyzex software and see MIDI data being broadcast by the Floor POD Plus when I move the volume pedal, press any foot switches, or turn any of the knobs.  I got a stand-alone MIDI Monitor program and installed it on the computer, and again, I see MIDI traffic on the bus from the Floor POD Plus.  So the Floor POD Plus MIDI OUT function seems to work, but the Vyzex software is not seeing it.  I don't know if the Floor POD Plus MIDI IN is the problem such that it isn't seeing the interrogation message from Vyzex and doesn't know to respond to the message, or if it is something to do with the Vyzex software setup.  Now, more often than not, the Vyzex software freezes because MIDI OUT data from the Floor POD Plus is swamping the software MIDI interface.  This is driving me insane.  I've reinstalled the MOTU Interface drivers.  I've resinstalled the Vyzex software.  I've changed out MIDI cables attaching the Floor POD Plus to the MOTU Interface.  I don't know what else to try since it worked before the MOTU Interface power supply failed.  Is there a way to completely reset the Floor POD Plus so that the MIDI IN/OUT port is reset to some factory default condition.  Maybe there is a MIDI Buffer in the unit that needs to be cleared.  Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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I had some follow-up findings on this topic.  I tried a completely different MIDI interface device (non-MOTU) with the Floor POD Plus and everything worked fine.  So, the issue appears to be in the MOTU interface I'm attempting to use.  Right now I'm a little baffled by the whole thing because I've been able to repeat the symptoms with a second MOTU interface of the same model.   So, it appears to be an instability of the MOTU architecture within the Apple computing ethos.  It works fine for months...and then...WHAM!!...relentless failures.  Frustrating to be sure...any thoughts are appreciated.

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