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Dt 25 Head And Hd500x


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Im a newb here having just bought a DT 25 and HD500x.

Can anyone tell me what preamp is the default for the amp itself on configuration 4, class A/B, Pentode?

I can easily get great tones out of the amp itself on that setting but can't find a preamp on the hd500 that sounds the same when I connect it via line 6 link, even after Ive made sure the amp is configured the same?

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not sure but if you can connect your head to your  computer with midi there is a great DT Editor available from the sticky post in the DT amps forum... that will let you see what is there and any settings and make changes if you want.

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My best guess going from the description on their website as it being:


"Modern, High-Gain/Resonant NFL"


IV – Setting IV brings the NFL back in and adds a low frequency
resonance that pairs quite well with high gain voicing applied to
the Channel Controls.


Unfortunately, that description above is woefully vague!

According to this thread, it's the Mesa Boogie Double Rectifier:




In that thread they discuss the impact of changing the cabinet models, and the output modes, which may be playing a factor in how you are hearing the difference between the HD500 and the DT by itself.


In terms of the L6 Link connection, I would guess that when the HD500 is L6linked to the DT25 head, it defaults to stack/poweramp - though I don't know if that also matches what you would hear from the DT by itself.

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Thanks guys. I had assumed the DT25 didn't use cab models as it was being used with a real cab. Switching the cabs on in the HD500 put me exactly where I wanted to be.

So as I understand it, in normal volume mode it should be preamps and cab models on the HD500.

In low power mode do I need to use the full amp models on the HD500?

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Now I am a dt50 owner and there is a difference in topology preamps between the 25 and 50 but I believe it is only topology 2. Topology 4 on my DT50 2x12 is the Treadplate ( Mesa Dual Recto). Now using the DT editor I changed topology 4 on CHANNEL B to the Slo Overdrive (Soldano SLO100 Overdrive channel) for stand alone use and love it. But I believe your Top 4 is the Treadplate

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Appears that my ears are full of bean soup...


I gotta confess, that i haven't been using DT alone too much. I tested those sounds printed on that shop-brouchure which came on top of it with quite low volume. For me Mesa's have always meant that very middle range concentrated, hi gain sound. Now, when i turned middles all the way up, gave it more gain (about 3 o'clock) and "kicked the throttle", i notice i should've been washing my ears instead of typing silly messages on people's internet forums.


Luckily i never learned any kind of manners. Otherwise i would be ashamed now. ;D

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