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What if I connect the expression pedal to the send seturn?


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I use hx stomp. However, because the number of footswitches is insufficient, I want to add a footswitch,


but if you add an expression pedal to fs4/5, you can only use one additional footswitch. Then the thought is, what happens if you connect the expression pedal to the sand return?


Then, footswitches 4 and 5 can be used as switches, and the pedals connected to the sand return can be used as volume. Has anyone used it?


Or would it be better to just use the footswitches 4 and 5 as volume and wah pedals, and connect the additional footswitches to a MIDI switch?


I'm sorry I can't speak English, so I'm using a translator. Even if English is strange, ask for your understanding.

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I do not have Hx Stomp but I remember somebody on this forum constructed Expression Pedal and a switch for Hx Stomp. I suppose they are not mutualy excluding.
There are some expresion/volume pedals on the market. Their idea is similar but due to a differences in construction they may not all work right out the box.
Using MIDI swiches is nice idea, you can go beyond two avialiable.

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