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HX Effects Power Supply


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Hi guys

This may be a trivial question to most here, but hopefully someone can help me out. After many, many months of thinking about moving over to Line6 for my effects from individual pedals I finally made the jump and bought a HX Effects unit, now I’m still only scratching the surface of it but I’m impressed so far. The only thing that is bugging me is that when I bought the HX Effects,  the power lead only came with a European two pin adapter to click onto the power supply, which is a bit of a pain when here in Ireland we use a Three pin socket. I thought that these power supplies usually come with a few different connections so as you can find the one that suits your country. I saw on different forums etc. people are just saying to go onto Amazon and buy a third party power supply but I’d rather just use the one that came with it. So after a very long winded post I was just wondering if anyone knows where, if possible, I could find a Three pin adapter that fits the power supply that came with the HX Effects. 

Thanks for any help guys. 

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