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I am trying to make an extra footswitch for the hx stomp.


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I am trying to make an extra footswitch for the hx stomp.


I am using hx stomp.


  Using a trs to dual ts cable on footswitch 4/5,
  I'm going to use an expression pedal for 4 and a mini footswitch for 5 to change volume/wah.

In this case, I am trying to DIY a single button footswitch.


When I searched, I saw that the wiring of the footswitch and the amplifier channel switching switch were the same.
And I found the video on YouTube.



Is it possible to use it as an additional switch by making it like this and connecting it to fs4/5 with trs to dual ts?


I don't speak English well, so I'm using a translator. Thanks for the help friends.

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Use your TRS Y-cable to 2 TS jacks. Then use a short 1/4" cable to connect either expression pedal or foot switch as needed for 4 and/or 5. So, you have options for A) an expression pedal on 4 and a footswitch on 5 (or vice versa), or B) a foot switch on 4 and a foot switch on 5. Very flexible!


The video you shared is a good one and will work. For that foot switch you will use a "momentary" foot switch like this one. If you want an LED light to tell you the on/off status of the switch, use a latching foot switch like this one. If you use that kind of switch, you will also need a battery in the stomp box to light the LED (find instructions online). For 9V power, a >470 Ohm resistor should be used with the LED. You will also need to set your switch type (in Stomp's Controller Assignments) to "Momentary" for the latching LED switch to work correctly with the Stomp.


P.S. If you use a latching switch with LED, you will need to make sure the Stomp is synchronized with the switch. So, if your Stomp preset is saved with the switch "off" you need to make sure your switch is turned "off" (LED not lit) when you first select the preset!

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