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My Helix Princeton Do-it-all Preset


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Well, maybe it doesn't quite do it all... But it covers a lot of ground for me.

I spent some time working on one of my Princeton (Princess) presets today. This preset has its origins back in one my older Deluxe Reverb presets, but I ended up making a few changes. With my Deluxe preset, I used a few outboard pedals, but with this one I decided to keep it all "in the box". This is using the Helix cabs (the 10" and 12" Princeton cab in parallel, actually). It's a nice amp model that seems to sound good with whatever you throw at it. So these are all 8 snapshots in the preset. The order of the clips is as follows:

1. Clean
2. Crunch (Tim + Klon)
3. Clean Trem
4. Crunch Trem
5. Clean Rotary
6. Dotted 8th
7. Lead (using the Dhyana Drive)
8. Ambient (Transistor Tape & Plateaux)

Guitar is a Gretsch G5622t.



Preset can be found here:

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That sounds great... I'll have to download a copy when I get a moment. 

The Princeton model really is special. I've swapped out the Deluxe for the Princeton on many of my presets. 


I use similar style presets on my Helix... always trying to make most of the snapshot versatility! 

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Very cool Phil. The Princeton is my default amp. The 1x10, 2x12 sounds great, but I really love it with an Ownhamer 4x12 Mesa cab with Rib/57 IR.  Takes to all the pedals very nicely, especially my Zen Drive or Xotic AC Booster. I put a Wampler Ego in front at the beginning of the chain. 

I just did some tracks and comp'd it to a Dr Z Carmen Ghia 1x12 and it sounds pretty darn skippy in the mix with the Z. 

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Princess has become my goto amp too, pushing out Litigator and Derailed Ingrid. I still like Litigator, but the Princess sounds and feels a bit more "real" to me, whatever that means. Princess has too much bass for my taste. But I can get a really good sound out of it and it takes pedals well. 

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Super preset...many thanks! Princeton is also now my favorite amp in the helix. When I tried the clean 1st snapshot of your preset tonight it reminded me of Neil Young`s

guitar sound on "On the Beach", with it`s beautiful, slow solo. The reverb space just sounded similar to my ears somehow, so I jammed along to the BT.

Just wonderful! Im using a strat on the treble pick-up too, so nothing like what Neil played on this track (Les Paul or Gretsch). Still, works for me!


Thanks again!


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Thanks Phil -
The way you dialed your preset's Princess sounds great into my PC+ with a Jarvis model.
This amp has almost become my new fave. It has been a Deluxe until now but it is fast becoming the Princeton.
My first amp was a Princeton Reverb (back in '67 my dad gave it to me for Christmas that year). If only I still had it.
I can't tell at this point how well this model stacks up against my "real thing" since it's long gone.
Ben said the amp that was modeled had been moded.
Nice to have a Princeton with an FX loop now, thanks to Helix.
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