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Is there a way to just use Helix Control/Floor CCs for Stomps?


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Hi guys, 


as the title says; is there a way to just use the same MIDI mapping as the Helix Control and Helix Stomp/Footswitch CCs? I mean, I do have my Rack in the studio, and Native at home. Is there a way to have my Native just using the hardware CCs, so that I don't have to use extra mapping? I have this option in other devices. For example, my Obehreim Echoplex hardware and its plugin counterpart (from the same engineer), they both use exactly the same stock reserved MIDI mapping, so the virtual version can just reuse same controller presets as the hardware, without have to remap MIDI controllers.


I tried to do that, but seems only working for snapshots (they do act correctly, just using same CCs and values, as the hardware), while I can't find a way to do the same with Stomps/FS. They just seems ignoring those CCs that I've programmed in my controllers, and that are those used by the Helix hardware. What's the pros of this? Well, that I can create a virtual setup on my DAW (Ableton Live), that does (almost) perfectly mirror the hardware counterpart, without have to create dedicated mapping on my controllers, for the plugins. 


Any solution, thoughts?



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Ok nevermind.


I've found that disabling the hardware compatibility option, does allow me to assign same CCs as the hardware. Which is IMHO a nonsense, as they were already assigned and stored in the preset, exactly to respect the Hardware compatibility mode. Bah?!


Anyway, at least this way seems working, even if I have to reassign CCs to blocks, to be exactly the same as they were in the preset, LOL. :)


See in this pic. The original assignment are those with dimmed colors, and referring to hardware footswitches. Those can't be used... But then, disabling compatibility mode, does allow me to reassign those same CCs as the hardware, as in the pic. Looks like a bug to me, or a bad design.




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