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Sudden increases in latency in Logic Pro


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Having issues with running the Pod Go in Logic Pro.

My set up is using the Pod Go as the input device (via USB) and a Scarlett 2i2 interface as the output (running studio monitors).

At random times the Pod Go will experience a hiccup with a resulting dramatic increase in latency forcing me to close and reopen Logic Pro.

I have a late model IMac with 40GB of RAM with plenty of processing power. 

Do I need to adjust the sample size or IO buffer in Logic Pro?


Any help is appreciated.

Bruce Allen

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Thanks for the response.  If I plug the monitors directly into the Pod Go then I can't hear the playback from the other tracks on my DAW only the Pod Go.

Will the DAW also run through the Pod Go and out to the monitors?

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Good point about the limitations when using two audio interfaces at once.

I like to tweak the Pod Go presets via the Pod Go editor while I'm in a recording session while also having the monitors running out of the Scarlett (my default setup).

Kind of a hassle to always have to run the monitors directly out of the Pod Go whenever I want to record and also tweak presets on the fly via the editor. Maybe there is no work around for my situation unless I just edit directly on the Pod Go unit itself when recording.


Thanks for the input. 

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Finally found a solution.

You can create an "aggregate device" in your IMac so you can use two audio interfaces at once without clock misalignment.

This way you can still run your speakers from your regular audio interface (i.e. Scarlett) but also use the Pod Go as an interface via USB.

This eliminates the need to run your monitors directly from the Pod Go.

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