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Steve Vai Solo Pack Bundle | Guitar Tone | Line6 Helix Preset w Stock Cabs


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Hey folks

I have released a bundle for Line6 Helix with Stock Cabs with the sounds inspired by the songs of Steve Vai:

For The Love of God

Bad Horsie

The Story Of Light

Weeping China Doll

Gravity Storm

Thender Surrender


A Bundle for Line6 Helix with Stock Cabs with the sounds ispired by the songs of Steve Vai Bundle of 8 Presets / 13 Snapshots.

Ready to use-stock cabs used, you dont need more. Compabible with Line6 Helix, Helix LT and Helix Plugin Firmware version v3.01 or up.

Raw sound of the presets, no post production, the true sound from the helix.




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2 hours ago, dan5150 said:

Are these hosted in the marketplace? Also, do they work on the HX Stomp?



you can buy it here https://gumroad.com/l/yslLYH

i don't have the HX Stomp, and i don't know if it work on it

many presets require 8 blocks, and other 13 blocks or less

I only own the Helix Rack and Helix Native

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