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120 ohm headphones with the Helix (HD 560S)


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My 600 ohm Beyer  DT770s have given up the ghost, so I’m looking at a replacement.


I fancy something openbacked, and the Sennheiser HD 560s get very good reviews for the money. Well, from the audiophile crowd anyway.


They are only 120 ohm though. Will they work well with the Helix?


Otherwise I’d be looking at the HD600/650 which are 300 ohm, but nearly twice the price.


thanks in advance,



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The Helix has no problem powering headphones.


The open back 300 Ohm HD600 are awesome! I use them interchangeably with a closed back pair of 250 Ohm BD DT770 Pro.


Drop also sells their Sennheiser OEM special built version of the HD6xx which are purported to be sonically identical to the HD600. 


Between the HD650 vs the HD600 (or HD6XX) I prefer the more neutral sound of the HD600. YMMV.


Overall, it all comes down to what you prefer and the type of material you like.

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14 hours ago, Jiiiim said:

I'm really wondering if 120ohm is enough impedance.

I regularly use a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50x that are rated at 38 Ohm, plus some really inexpensive Superlux HD668B semi open rated at 56 Ohm, and they do the job that I expect them to do with the Helix floor. I can certainly hear what’s going on.


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