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HX Effects + Yamaha THR100HD: FX Loop how-to


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So I have a THR100HD with the THRC212 Cab, and an HX Effects. I am wondering how I can fully utilize the THR100's preamp which has a corresponding booster and its VCM thing, and the HX Effects as my multi pedalboard (Drive, modulation, looper), properly.


Currently, my signal chain is as follow:


Guitar > THR100 Input 1 > THR100 FX Send > HX Input L/mono | HX Output R > THR100 FX Return.


With the above, The HX Effects' signal chain can be heard normally out on the cab. But when I switch to the amp's Input 2 (amp channel 2—dialed as higher gain), there's no HX Effects signal whatsoever as I can only hear the dry sound from the amp.


Anyway, I know it may or may not be related to cabling method, but I wonder if 1) that's by design, or mono/stereo signal got mixed up somewhere due to some wiring issues, and 2) is it better to put the HX Effects in the amp's FX loop (guitar plugs to amp as above), or to put the amp's preamp/vcm in the HX Effects FX Loop block?


The latter sounds pretty confusing and I may need further tips on how to achieve that :-).


Thanks in advanced for any tips.

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Hey Will. Have you plugged the THR100HD into your computer and used the Utilities to change the effects loop from separate to mixed? It's in preferences but that fixed the signal chain you've described on my rig to send both amps to the HX effects. Here's a link to how to set it up (Example One). Easy to overlook the need to change the internal mix on the amp.



Hope that fixes it for you.

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