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Rack foot controller issue?


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Did your foot controller come with a cable? Mine didn’t and retailer says sometimes they don’t to save money?/?


And it’s looking like my controller was a floor “demo” model, not new. Not the end of the world, BUT I’m noticing the main display (preset name) is fine when I’ve stepped back from the controller, however when I move in to “change the presets”, and am standing over the controller I cannot see the middle of the display I.e I can read the characters on the left, and 1 or 2 on the right. 

is this normal or do I have a defect?


looks like I may have to return 

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They’ve ordered a cable for me. So are you saying the foot controller is defective? It should be clearly readable from all angles?


it kinda makes sense the way mine is because when you step away from the board, the preset name is crystal clear. Kinda lie it’s meant to be that way?


or is there some kind of setting ?

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