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Talk Box - Pod Farm 2.5


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Hello everyone,
I use a POD STUDIO UX2 and related POD Farm 2.5 software.
I wanted to know if there is an effect that works within POD Farm 2.5 such as the Talk Box.
Maybe by using a pedal ...
I don't know if there is something of this type or something that emulates this type of effect.
To be clear what Gilmour uses in the song Pigs (three different ones) - from the album Animals - Pink Floyd.
Thanks for the help you will give me !!!

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Hi Gil72! 

I'm afraid you won't find a talkbox as such, but you can get close to the sound of it by experimenting with different types of Wah pedals and Auto-wah (if you have the additional model packs even better), below you'll find the customtone link for Talkbox, Please let me know which one worked best for you, I'm doing Daft Punk covers and I'm also interested in that talkbox type of sound



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Thank you for the tip!
I have all the effects pack of POD Farm 2.5, so by downloading from the link you gave me I will surely find something that can work. In the next few days I will do some downloads and go if I find something that is right for me.
Thanks again!


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