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I made some patches with the PC112+ & Helix Floor Progressive Metal and Effects Whammy


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Hi everyone I created some patches for those with a Helix and a Powercab Plus because of all the presets I tried were mostly made with IRs and for monitor type setups vs "amp in the room" . I spent hours upon hours tweaking the tones. I made 3 patches JDM Suhr Rhythm, JDM Suhr Lead, JDM Suhr Effects.  I was having a hell of time getting great tones and after spending a lot of time researching and tweaking I came up with some great tones. My main guitar is a Suhr Modern Antique loaded with stock pickups SSH Plus in the bridge and SSV in the neck. I have a few Mayones with Fishman moderns and a few Parker Flys and a YJM Strat with Furys. I will be tweaking the patches for each guitar so stay tuned. I wanted to give back to the community because everyone has been so helpful to me in my search for tone and understanding of the Helix.


SEARCH FOR MY SCREEN NAME: Joedreamliner787 at the CustomTone Section to download but I have attached them here as well.

IMPORTANT: In HX EDIT click on Multi in the chain and this will make available the powercab tab. Click on the Powercab tab and be certain to set your powercab to Remote=Preset, Mode(preset)=Speaker, Speaker Type: Vintage. This yield the best results for me and you may need to adjust output based on your scenerio. My Suhr is loaded with Passive pickups which are slightly noisy. If you are using a guitar with actives like fishmans then be sure to go to adjust the threshold of both noise gates or you may just be able to turn them off completely if they are choking your sound.


Be sure that your firmware is up to date:


HELIX FLOOR: Version 3.01

POWERCAB 112 PLUS: Version 2.00.1


I hope you enjoy them! 

JDM Suhr Effect.hlx JDM Suhr Lead.hlx JDM Suhr Rhythm.hlx

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