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Global cabinet block (or power amp and cabinet block)


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I'm starting a separate topic about this because someone suggested it in Ideascale and I think it's genius and much needed.


The suggestion is to have a global cabinet setting/block that could be turned on or off. This would account for cases where we usually play through a particular cabinet, or power amp,  and design our patches that way. For example, my Helix goes into DT25s so I really only ever use pre-amp blocks and let the DT do the rest. But if I were to use any other output method (say into a PA) I would want to be able to apply a global block that would take the DT's place.


I understand this would mean the system having to recalculate available DSP bandwidth but maybe a simple solution would be just to grey-out any patches that didn't have enough room left.


Just wanted to call some attention to this idea. The capability for global blocks in addition to the EQ would be great.



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It may be an okay idea, I'm just not sure it's a widespread need among the way the vast majority of people use the Helix.  I get the sense from various user polls I've seen that the biggest portion of the users use a range of different amps and cabinets for different situations and that's specifically why they bought a Helix.  I'm more at the extreme end maybe, but not that far off from the norm but it's not a function that would be attractive or even interesting to me at all.  I would suspect a key element of what Line 6 considers when adding a feature is how much "bang for the buck" they'll get from investing in the development of a feature that would be useful to the most number of users.

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