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HX Stomp: How to MIDI-control your real amp’s channels when switching snapshots.


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Hey hey...

In case you’d like to use and midi-control your real amp simultaneously with the HX stomp…

Without audio dropouts!
This seems to be finally possible with the new 3.0 update and firmware. Yay!

I was actually about to sell my Stomp because that was not possible but pretty crucial to me.

Thanks to Line 6 for that.


Before 3.0

If I remeber right. It was only possible to midi-switch your amp's channels, when switching presets.

But it was not impossible to do so when switching snapshots.


Why this useful?
Switching between presets can take a serious while. So you’ll get a noticeable audio dropout. Which - of course - sucks.
Switching snapshots comes usually without these dropouts. Which is - of course - awesome! :D

So… how to set up the HX Stomp to make this work?
Here’s at least one possible way:

Let’s assume you have 3 Snapshots:
Footswitch 1 -> Snapshot 1 (should switch your amp to channel 1)
Footswitch 2 -> Snapshot 2 (should switch your amp to channel 2)
Footswitch 3 -> Snapshot 3 (should switch your amp to channel 1)
Select your desired preset and switch to the Snapshot-View.
Hit Page L + R to open up the menu.

Select the „Command Center“. (Or in HX Edit: Window -> Command Center)
Select the first „Instant 1“ Flash-Icon.

Now you can specify what MIDI command should be send out when this snapshot is called.

(Note: If your amp can't be controlled via MIDI, you could use something like the Nobels MS-4. That's at least what I do.
At Line 6 Support: Is there meanhwile a way to directly switch relay-based amps when switching snapshots?)

I stick to my setup as example:
I need BankPC commands to switch the amp.
PG Value 0 = Amp Channel 1
PG Value 0 = Amp Channel 2


Hit the FS 1, so it’s lit up.
Select BankPC
Navigate to the right.
Set the Program Value to 0.

To continue you don’t need to select another „Instant“. Just stick to „Instant 1“
Hit FS 2, so it’s lit up.
Program 1

Hit FS 3, so it’s lit up.
Program 0


Now, save you’re preset and you’re ready to go.

Since it was a little confusing to me:
You can add all three settings to only one „Instant 1“. Just jump in between the snapshots and just adjust the Program Value.
And it’s preset-specific. (Maybe there’s a global way - but haven’t checked it yet)

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Relayswitching of my 6505 would be awesome with the stomp, for example from one of the existing trs jacks, I have no idea whether it's technically possible tho. Imagine a stomp in 4cm mode with possibility to switch channel and FX loop on/off. Would be awesomee

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