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HX Effects and Boss Tube amp Expander


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Greetings oh wise ones - new to the whole helix effects thing and was just wondering if anyone had any bright ideas on how to set up the following for maximum effect:


2 x Amps - neither with FX loops

Boss Tube Amp Expander (TAE)

DAW inputs


At the moment I have HX Effects set up via 4CM using the TAE and one amp in the standard config.

I then have HX Effects output 2 going straight into the front end of amp 2.

This seems to give me true(ish) stereo out of the amps as I can hear delays etc jumping about  and sounds great.

I have not tried any fancy routing in the HX just a simple FX loop block before the stereo effects in the loop of the TAE

The two TAE direct outputs are sent out (with an IR in the TAE "rig") to my DAW - sounds great , has all the effects, but is definitely mono 

The TAE has it's own in built FX (Stereo) which I can also add - Reverb, Delay, Compression and EQ/Boost  


I suppose what I am really asking is does anyone know of a way to get the stereo HX effects to work with the TAE direct into my DAW or is good old mono from the HX plus the stereo TAE effects where I am at ?


Could just mic up the cabs.... (I have)


Answers on a postcard or sealed envelope please !









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