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How to connect Variax on computer for Native


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Hi everyone. 

I have an Helix Floor and I use to connect my JTV69 on it directly by VDI and record on Logic Pro. 

sometimes I would like to record or play without my Helix Floor but just With Helix Native and my Variax. The question is : how to connect the Variax by VDI without the Helix Floor ?


thank you. 

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Is it possible to feed Helix native via a POD HD500x? Of cause it should be possible to send the unprocessed / dry tone, but I like to create a "playable" setup which means that I like to be able to switch presets via my POD and use the EXP-pedal.

I currently have 2 identical PODs, each of which I match the presets to cover the rehearsal room and my recording environment at home.
Because I want to spare neither me, nor the device a constant back and forth tugging.
Therefore, I thought, I get me nen Helix and the Native software to it and have so again 2 playable setups ... and then I remembered that I have to connect my Variax to the PC somehow to do so ...

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Helix Native is a plugin to a DAW. Your DAW needs to recognize an audio interface, and your HD500x serves that purpose. So yes, your HD500x can feed Helix Naitve. Connecting your Variax to your HD500x as usual means that, yes, your Variax signal reaches your DAW, and hence Helix Native, also.


Another way of saying this...Helix Native does not require a Helix hardware device to be used as the audio interface to a DAW. The advantage of having a Helix Device vis-a-vis Helix Native is the discount pricing. With an HD500x nothing prevents you from purchasing (at full price) and using Helix Native.


Regarding switching presets, that depends on the midi capabilities of your DAW and your HD500x. Helix Native certainly has the capability of sending midi commands through a capable DAW to a midi-capable audio interface. The Midi sections of the HD500x and Helix Native manuals will provide the necessary details.

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