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PodXT Live & latency problem

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Hello Line 6'ers


Sound engineering is not my forte! And that's an understatement... 
Due to problems with my SSD, I had to reinstall Windows 10. The problem I have now is that I have a lot of latency. This is my configuration: I play a Variax 700 guitar that is connected to my PodXT Live via the RJ45 connector (Variax cable). The left and right output jacks of the PodXT go through a mini stereo jack in the standard sound card of my PC, so that I can play through the speakers of my PC. That worked fine in the past, but as said, there now appears to be a huge latency problem. I have installed the ASIO4all V2 driver, but I don't remember how I could configure it in the past to get rid of that latency... The driver does not appear automatically, I have to start it manually in the Program Files folder, is that normal?
However, I also bought a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4. Wouldn't it be better for me to connect my PodXT Live through that USB audio interface, and if so what is the best way: through the two line inputs on the back or the inputs on the front? And will that solve the latency problem? The Focusrite's outputs go to the same PC speakers. 




Can someone put me on the right path?

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Use the Focusrite as your audio interface. The PODXTLive is not great as an audio interface. Just run the left and right outputs of the POD to Inputs 1 and 2 on the Focusrite. Use the ASIO driver that comes with the Focusrite. Don't use ASIO4ALL at all. That should get you going with much lower latency.   

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What do you have the buffer size on the 4i4's ASIO driver set to? Should be at most 256 samples if you have a slow computer, 128, 64 or 32 samples if you have a faster PC. 

What are your PCs specs? How much RAM? You need a fairly powerful computer to do audio.


From the Focusrite 4i4 manual: 

Using Direct Monitoring You will probably have heard the term “latency” used in connection with digital audio systems. In the case of the simple DAW recording application described above, latency is the time it takes for your input signals to pass through your computer and audio software, and back to you. While not an issue for most simple recording situations, under some circumstances, latency can be a problem for a performer who wishes to record while monitoring their input signals. This might be the case if you need to increase the size of your DAW’s recording buffer, which could be necessary when you record overdubs on a particularly large project using many DAW tracks, software instruments and FX plugins. Common symptoms of a buffer setting that is too low could be glitching audio (clicks and pops), or a particularly high CPU load within your DAW (most DAWs have CPU readouts). If you experience this on a Mac, you can raise the buffer size from the DAW application itself but on a Windows PC you will most likely need to change this from the ASIO Control Panel which can usually be accessed from your DAW Setup Preferences*. The Scarlett 4i4, in conjunction with Focusrite Control, allows “zero latency monitoring”, which overcomes this problem. By using Focusrite Control to monitor your input signals, you will hear yourself in real time along with the computer playback, even with very high buffer sizes. The input signals to the computer are not affected in any way by this setting. However, note that the effect of any plug-ins instantiated in the DAW will not be heard whilst recording because by monitoring in this way you are hearing the signal before it reaches the software. Also, remember to mute the channel you are recording to in your DAW otherwise you will hear both the signal you are monitoring and then the echo effect of the signal coming back from the DAW





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I think I should clarify myself: I want to keep my neighbors as friends and not play through my guitar amp. I also don't want to use a DAW to record, I just want to use my PC as an amplifier. Last week there's was no problem using ASIO4ALL, so I don't think my PC is the problem...

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