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Midi foot controller query with HX Effects


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Hello all

I want to use Harley Benton midi foot controller with HX


Will I have any issue with using it?

Will it allow me to use 4 expression pedals? 2 on hx and 2 on midi foot controller?

I’m not very switched on with midi talk but will be able to program easy enough as I like to get deep and dirty with set up.


The reason for the change is I play bass clarinet and it’s difficult to bend down with my instrument to change effects on the fly and want to have my board at hand height to and control hx with foot controller.

Before I had the hx I had a loop switcher to be able switch stuff on and off from the floor and tweak at waist/hand height.


any help is appreciated 


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On 2/21/2021 at 4:39 AM, rd2rk said:

I could't find a manual for it.

If you know how to program it, and it can send Toggling CCs, you should be good.

Sorry @rd2rk I took so long to respond, couldn’t log in for a while for some reason.


it doesn’t explicitly say toggling CC. This is the manual (picture included) where it says something about ‘toggle’

would this be what I’m looking for? 

I feel a little silly now after thinking I would be able to pick up the lingo quickly but still getting confused.


all the best




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