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Helix Native not working in Reaper, Win 10

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After installing Windows 10 on my PC I downloaded and installed Reaper and Helix Native 3.01. However, I've been unable to run Native in Reaper even though it worked flawlessly before Windows reinstall. I'm getting the dialog pictured below when I try to use VST3 version of Helix Native, and when I tried installing and running VST2 Reaper would just crash when I tried adding Native to a track, or when trying to open a project that uses Native.


I tried downloading older versions of Native, but the only one I could get to work was Native 1.00, which is no good, since I need some blocks form the updated version for the recording I'm doing.

I also checked, and I have Disk 0 listed in my disk manager, although it's not the system drive.

I also tried downloading and installing Hx Edit, since I though it might install some necessary files with it, but it also doesn't work. After clicking the program icon the window doesn't even appear, and when looking at task manager I can see that it closes promptly after starting.

Also, I tried running Helix Native in Cantabile, which is a freeware VST host, and it also crashed.

Please help!

EDIT: Managed to find a solution
In my case the crash was caused by memory card reader in my PC case. When I disabled it, Native and Edit started to work.

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Found a solution to my problem

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I have exactly the same problem. Helix Native is useless for me at the moment. I also have problems getting Helix Native 3.01 to work in Studio one. So i think there must be a problem with the 3.01 Version. Line6 please help. Other users also reportet this issue.

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