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JTV-69 Tone Block Mod

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I've seen a couple of guys that posted on Facebook and Youtube (links below) where they had replaced the standard tone block under the tremolo bridge of their JTV-69's with a custom "Bell Brass" version with great results. Has anyone else done a mod like this? Would this type of mod be possible by modifying an existing brass tone block that's currently being sold (FU-Tone, Guitar Fetish, etc.) and if so, does anyone have the specs on the standard tone block being used in the JTV-69 (overall dimensions, attachment screw spacing, etc.). I know that modifications would be required on anything that would be existing (6 spaces for Piezo wiring, spot for Piezo interface circuit board, etc.), or would it be better to start from scratch with a Bell Brass bar and have a machine shop replicate the original? Not sure that this mod would be worth all of the effort, but was curious if anyone had any experience with this type of mod or thoughts on the subject. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Alberto Pfeifer - Hello, i love my Variax JTV 69S, and... | Facebook
(92) Variax JTV 69 upgrades an comparisons - YouTube
Upgrade Steel and Brass Tremolo Blocks (

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Be aware that Line 6 does not support modifications that affect the function of the product.

If it were to come across my repair bench, I might be limited in what I would be allowed to do to it,

should such a need arise. So modifications would be at your own risk. Just so you are aware.


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