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Effects block listing colors


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36 minutes ago, CRM114FGD135 said:

Don't restrict yourself.  Just because they're legacy effects doesn't mean they don't sound good or serve a purpose in certain situations.


Absolutely - huge +1!  It's there for info, but is totally irrelevant - all the effects in Pod Go/Helix are cracking quality - they wouldn't be in there if they weren't.  Some of the same effects appear on both lists. There may be different tonal and/or parameter nuances between each version. The thing about tone is that we all hear/like different things. If you love the MXR Dyna Comp in one of your big 4 pedal Line 6 effects, and preferred it to the Helix version, it means you still have it in Pod Go and you don't need to go without it or have to take it to gigs too.  It's all about giving you choice.  Ignore the list, and go by your ears when choosing fx versions. 

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