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Static/buzz When Recording With Pod Hd Pro In Logic Pro/garageband

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I'm new to this forum and I hope someone can help. So I'm getting a static/buzz sound when I record with my pod hd pro in GarageBand and Logic. I'm connected via USB and when I physically lay down a guitar track it sounds fine. But when I play the track back there's a static/buzz sound. This happens in both GarageBand and Logic Pro.

I've done lots of recording before with the line 6 ux8 and have had no issues with either program. Is there's a problem with my pod? Some help would be much appreciated. Thx

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So its not a ground loop problem. The static is still there after getting a hum eliminator. It's also not a constant hum like a ground loop. More so when the actual strings are hit. I find it odd it's only during the playback. When laying down the track it sounds killer with no issues.

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