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EQ - Are there any add ons?

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Hi All

I have been using a hd500 for many years...always good on electric and eq has been ok...other than painful UI

I now have added classical for flamenco stuff and K&K trinity pick up...this goes into the line in

Also added a nice Seagull acoustic with a custom mic mount using a Rode video micro which sounds quite decent and plugs into the mic input


Now eq is really important for these sources. I originally spent 10 minutes on each just using a yamaha plug in Low and Hi Shefl and 1 parametric. Clean and silky but it needs to be in the HD...so I have been through them, cheat sheets, youtube tutorials and they just sound clanky and grainy...is there any way to get other eq into ie addons?

Any tricks?


Thanks and greets form Oz

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Except from the amp model packs there are not other addons that can be added into the device.


So unless you want to try connecting your audio interface (connected to your computer to use your EQ plugins, which solution would surely add some latency) into the POD FX LOOP, the most practical way to add an external EQ FX in the virtual chain is by putting a real EQ stomp box into the FX LOOP.



All about POD HD500/X

help and useful tips

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This probably wouldn't need mentioned with the 500x, which shipped with newer firmware. 

But, with the 500.... 



If you haven't already done so, update to the latest firmware. 

There are a ton of new options added between the original and the current firmware. Plus, the model packs (mentioned in the previous post) are not available unless you have one of the newer firmwares. 

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