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Can the Powercab+ be used to free up some DSP in the HX Stomp?


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Does the output(s) of the Powercab+ include the speaker emulation / cab / IR from the Powercab+ ?   I am considering using one if it will allow me to not use a cab or IR in the HX Stomp.  Having said that, would I be saving any / enough DSP when using an amp only block as opposed to an amp + cab block (or amp block and cab block) in the HX Stomp?  Even when using mono blocks, I often run out of DSP after using 4-5 blocks.  Ideally, I would like to have a preset such as: dist comp dist phaser amp trem delay reverb. Lastly, if the Powercab+ can send a cab or IR through its output, can it simultaneously send a speaker emulation to the speaker?   Also, any general comments or advice regarding the Powercab+ would be appreciated.  



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The PC+ can be set to SPEAKER or USER IR to save DSP in the HXS. This will be reflected at both the PC+ Speaker and the XLR Out.

If your signal chain is mono you can use the L/Mono out to the PC+ and R out to an amp. That gives you two available FX loops.

You can use a SEND in the HXS to SEND a signal direct from HXS to an amp from the SEND L or R, leaving one free for a mono FX loop.

There's lots of ways to do it, 

What you CAN'T do is send a different signal to the Speaker and the XLR Out from within the PC+.

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Thanks rd2rk


It sounds like this may work for me.  Any idea if the DSP savings will be significant?  In other words, with the "speaker block" in the PC+, is there any chance I will be able to make an 8 block preset like the one I listed above?   I realize it depends on the blocks/amps/effects I choose, but in general is there significantly less DSP used by an amp-only block as compared to an amp+cab block?  Live, I run mono only.  I am trying to decide if I am going to buy a $700-$1,300 cab for my $400 stomp! 

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Here's a link to Ben Vesco's Helix DSP allocation tables.




The percentage listed is for the amount of DSP used in the Path that contains the block, not the total.

Each Path has 100% available, so a Path 1 that loops into Path 2 Has twice the amount of a single path, but the percentage is of the Path where the block resides.

So, to figure the amount of DSP allocated, you add the percentages of the Path the blocks are on, not the blocks on both paths.

According to the table a stock cab takes 19.20% of the DSP of that Path; an IR block takes 17.33%.

I'll leave the math for your specific needs to you.



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