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Helix Floor Footswitch


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Hi guys!


I'm brand new to the Helix world and just purchased the Floor. I've just one question (for now): is there any way to change the setting of the FS6 so that instead of the Stomp view, i can choose between presets?

"Normal" view is 4 stomp and 4 snapshots, then with FS1 and FS7 i can roam between presets, but could be easier if i can switch to a 8 - presets view (mostly for jamming).

If FS6 can't be redirected on presets view, do you have any set-up suggestion to have everything with a couple maximum of touch away?


Thanks and keep on rockin'!


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Check the Global Settings -> Footswitches section. There are many options to control the display and behaviour of your footswitches. Experiment  until you find the settings you most prefer. The manual clearly explains the options.


(P.S. - since you’re brand new to Helix you will have many questions answered by reading the manual.)

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