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Connections from Audio Interface


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So I now have a  Power Cab plus 1x12 So I have a monitor Selector and basically just connected up an XLR to the Power Cab so that I could use it as 2nd Monitor. I don't have a hardware modeler just using Helix Native. It works, but am i really going to get the sound out of it that I should. I'm using Pro Tools. i just wonder if Power Cab is getting enough input gain? Sorry for the Newbie question, I am looking to purchase a hardware modeler soon.


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First thought is, is the Powercab input set to line level in the global settings and/or is the output from the interface line level?...

Shorter way to put it would be are the two 'level matched'?

Whether that'll cure a lack of low end... it's a necessary starting point though.

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