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Help View X3 Bundle Offline


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I have just recently traded my POD X3 bean in for a POD HD Desktop, so I no longer have acess to my POD X3.


On my computer I still have Gearbox with all my old X3 patches on.


I would like to view some of these older patches from the X3 so I can program them into my shiny new POD HD.


When I open Gearbox, it will not allow me to view the files without first conecting my X3, this is not possible any more.



someone tell me a way I can view the settings of these patches so I can transfer them to my new POD.



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Hi Triryche, I understand the difference, but I really need to assimilate the tones from the X3. The problem is all I saved on paper was the patch numbers, thinking it's ok I can get the details from gearbox, only to find it won't work without the X3..... Doh, maybe my ignorance but I can't remember how all all the patches sounded so I can't reprogram. It's so frustrating knowing all the details are still there within the gearbox program on my PC, and I can't get at them.."grrr

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what tri-ryche is trying to say... and i agree...

is that even with the details of your tone...

if you set things exactly the same on the HD (if your lucky enough to have the same amp model)

your tone will not sound the same... will not respond the same... the effects are entirely different... etc


dont blame you for trying to get a reference point...

but expect that to only be the beginning... as its ALOT different.


i think pod farm will work with single tones... but not bundles... (and i'm not positive of that...)

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Hi The Real Zap, i'm with you so far, and I aprechiate your help. I just Downloaded Pod farm and it does load my files, but only  gives a rough guide as what i had, I guess this should be enough to start reprogramming my HD and as you say gives me a starting reference point. but hey our ears play tricks with us, especially after trying to find a kick drum in a library of over 700 kick drums.... brain


Thanks guys for your help

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