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Hello everyone,
I use the POD Studio UX2 sound card and the related POD Farm 2.5 software and would like to know if it is possible to use a talk box effect to add to the effects chain.
The talk box is used by taking the final signal after the effects chain and sent inside the talk box, which then carries the sound with a tube inside the oral cavity of the mouth. With the movement of the mouth, the sound is then modified and captured by a microphone which then returns the final sound to the amplification output.
My question is if I can connect a similar effect to the UX2 and then re-enter it via the microphone again within the UX2, thus obtaining the desired result.


I attach photos of 2 types of Talk Box that I could use.


Can anyone tell me if this is a viable path or if it cannot be done?
Thanks for the answers you will be able to give me.





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