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Locked up Helix


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Hello everyone, 

I had issue with Helix locked up on a specific preset upon startup. No switches or knobs worked, in addition no communication when hooked up to PC for any editing or reinstall. I tried many restarts to no avail, and literally was stuck with no control. 

I did find after digging through forums on a specific way to reboot the system with several options. hope this helps

Turn off Helix, the hold desired two button combinations. While holding two buttons power Helix on. The following are the combos for your desired outcome. I used 11  12 since I was stuck on a preset I didnt care for anyways. 

3 & 4 Test Mode

5 & 6 Global rest

7 & 8 Resets setlist to factory, KEEPS IRS

8 & 9 Rests setlists  to factory, Clears IR's 

9 & 10 Restss setlists to factory, clears Ir's and Global reset

10 & 11 Upgrades exisiting presets to latest format. 

11 & 12 Clears current preset

5 & 12 return system to default

6 & 12Safe Boot mode

Hope this helps. 


Flyte Band Tampa 

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