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Do I have to restore from backup after update to 3.01?


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Just updated from 2.82 to 3.01 for Helix floor.  All seems to have gone smoothly, but instructions ("Step Tres") say to restore from the backup that was created prior to the update.
Everything seems to be OK.  Is this restore from backup mandatory for a reason I don't know about or haven't been able to determine?


Wouldn't want to retrograde factory settings, for example.


Thanks for your input.

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I don't restore my presets... but I do restore my global settings to save a bunch of time. Global settings are often reset on an update which can create a lot of unexpected results. They don't just reside in the global setting area.... they are scattered throughout the unit - and I always miss one or two if I attempt to set them manually! 


Restoring presets doesn't make sense to me because it would force another "rebuild" during start up. I would only do a preset restore if I encountered issues. 


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No, restoring your backup is not necessary but as stated above it is helpful to restore your global settings to your preferred state which, presumably, was immediately before the firmware update. You can choose to restore only the global settings if you wish.


However, the factory presets are not updated in a firmware update so there is no ‘retrograde’ by restoring your backup. If you want to have the latest factory presets you need to perform a factory reset after upgrading the firmware, and then restore your backup - select to restore everything except the Factory 1, Factory 2, and Templates setlists.

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