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Echolution Pro w Helix


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2 hours ago, acousticglue said:

Manual for Pigtronix says input can drive stereo output. So if I hooked send return to input 1 and output one , would i hook Echolution output two to return two for stereo or would still need both input output for full stereo?


Not sure exactly what you are asking but here goes. Sounds like you want to go from your Helix mono, to your Pigtronix which you want to go back to the Heiix in stereo. I am assuming you are going from a stereo Send/Return block. If the signal going into the Send/Return block is stereo, you will need to hook each Send to each of the PIgtronix's inputs. If not you only need to hook up one of the Sends. Make sure the Helix Send is set to instrument and not line. It doesn't matter which input. The pigtronx will then output a stereo signal. This is what is meant by the signal will be processed in stereo. You will then take both of the Pigtronix's outputs an hook them up to both of the blocks Returns. Hope this makes sense. On thing I could not tell is whether the Pigtronix maintains the stereo imgage a stereo output going into both Pigtronix inputs or if it just sums them to mono. I suspect it just sums them to mono. If that's true, it makes this more complicated if your Helix Sends are stereo. For now, put one Helix Send into one of the Pig's inputs and take both outputs and put them into both Returns. I think this is what you want anyway. Let us know if it's not.

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On 3/9/2021 at 1:14 PM, acousticglue said:

Manual for Pigtronix says input can drive stereo output.


The manual for the Pigtronix Echolution 2 states: 


Note: When only one of the two audio inputs is connected, that single input will be processed in stereo through both outputs.


Usually, when connecting a guitar to this unit then you would only be using one cable from the guitar jack to the Echolution input, but when the signal is processed it will come out in glorious stereo.


From your Helix you could use FX Loop1/2 using a single cable from Send 1 to the input of the Pigtronix, and two cables from the Echolution outputs into Return 1 and 2. That gives you your mono guitar out which then comes back in stereo and can be further processed by the Helix for example by a stereo reverb or whatever. If you add a mono effect after the stereo return then your signal will be summed back to mono.


Note if you already have a stereo effect in use before the FX Loop Send, then you should also use and additional cable from Send 2 to the second input on the Pigtronics box.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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