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powercab plus 112, how to open


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i bought a powercab plus 112 recently and i need to open it, something has come loose in transit,  how do you open one of these, on the out side other than the ones on the handle, there are about

6 screws,   3 on the back,   3 on top.


there was someone who asked the same question on this forum and the answer was use a butter knife to wedge it open.


where do you start from

is this thing glued all the way round.

does the grill come off



has anyone here opened up a powercab,


please any pictures to where to start or any answers please


thank you in an advance




so with help from here , i did open my powercab 112 plus, and the power supple had fallen off, nothing is holding it in place so i used some zipp ties for now until  i find the right size screws


all the wire connectors had come off, in delivery by parcel force.

had to take it all apart and re assemble all of  it  


hope you find something interesting here  and a big thank you to jamcoops for showing me how to open the powercab, mystery solved 




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Hopefully someone will answer this becasue I have the same problem.  This is the second one of these where the processor unit has come unglued.  The first one was brand new so swapped straight away by the dealer.  I've had this one over two years now though.  As I have two would really like to know how to do this myself without having to take it to Milton Keynes for an expensive repair.





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Hi all,

I have worked it out. You need to lever off the front cloth grill. There is snap connectors in each corner. Just get something thin and strong down the sides near the connectors and you can lever it loose. Be careful not to damage the edges though.





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Now I have got in I must say I am not surprised that the board has come loose.  It is just a friction fit on four stanchions.  These stanchions are threaded like the ones you get in a PC for the Motherboard but no screws have been used.


I will source screws for mine to stop it doing it again!





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Brilliant jamcoops excellent work.


I'm not the only one with this powercab problem,  thanks for the pictures and showing the whole Internet how to open a powercab. 

So many people on different websites have asked this question,  me being in England,  it would be so expensive to post it to line 6, best to have ago myself. 


But this problem of the processor falling off and other wires coming undone looks like a common problem that line 6 should of sorted out .


cheap under cutting budgets 


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