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Why do these two presets not sound identical?


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Hey guys,


I'm tweaking a preset right now to add space for a few more front-end effects. Basically, my thought process was just to move the amp/cab (and post-amp effects) to signal path 2A. Sounds simple right? Well, for some reason, when I do this, my signal is significantly duller / less level. I'm literally just moving pre-existing blocks below, so I don't see why anything should change...Can you guys look at the below and tell me if I'm missing something? Thanks...


Original Preset / Signal Chain





New Signal Path (Why does this seemingly have less output than the above? All settings are constant for each FX...)



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Well assuming every setting is identical, then it should sound identical.  I've done similar reorganisations myself, and not noticed a difference - but I can't say I A/B'd them to test.

You have been careful regarding same speakers/mic placement? - and the cabs are in the same places?  No pedal assignments (except the volume).  The volume is the same profile?

If so, you have discovered a bug I'd say.

Be worth just placing the amp and cabs (no other units in the paths) in path one and path 2 and seeing if there is a noticeable difference?

A simple test I've never done.  Then if it was identical, you could slowly rebuild and see if you can find where it's coming from?

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10 minutes ago, Schmalle said:

Are splits and mixers before / after the cabs the same?


Bingo...I swear I had looked at those at least a dozen times before posting, but turns out the merge block for the second path has been defaulting to "inverted" for B Polarity. Flipping it back to "normal" solved the problem. Not sure why it defaults to inverted though - any clues, out of curiosity? Also, the black/white color combo (especially when not looking at the old merge settings) made it difficult to tell immediately which setting was active. No big deal though.


Thanks guys. I've been playing with this thing for 8 hours this evening. Time to give it a break for the night...

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5 hours ago, wlaycook said:

Why does this seemingly have less output than the above?



I have seen this discussed previously way back in 2016, and the general consensus of opinion is that an A/B split results in a 3db variation in signal when merged again. The merge block is where this happens.

This is that thread.



This is a piece of research that forum user “”perapera” did a while back.

Hope this helps/makes sense.


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