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Tone A and B management in POD Farm 2.5 (standalone mode)

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I have a question for the more experienced users of POD Farm 2.5.
I use the UX2 sound card and the related Pod Farm 2.5 software in standalone mode.
I would like to get the following:
If I connected guitar and microphone and the guitar is on tone A and the microphone on tone B and I wanted the tone A of the guitar to come out only from the S / PDIF output without going to the final recording output, while the Tone B of the microphone went to the final output is it possible? Can it be done without the two tones mixing and clashing?
Basically what I need is to get the guitar tone out without going to the final outputs (I thought I would do it via the S / PDIF output) and only the B tone of the microphone must go to the final recording or monitoring output.
What settings should I have in POD Farm's mixer to do this?

Thanks so much to those who will be able to help me!


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