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Documentation and Parameter settings question

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Is there documentation somewhere that details ALL the specific setting parameters for each preset/patch on the Spider V MKII.


This includes the amp and every effect whether it is used or not on the default patch settings.


I ask, as sometimes for example, I might like a specific Delay and it’s settings on Preset A and want to transfer just that Delay/settings  to Preset B. Have not been able to find a way to copy/paste specific efx and their settings from one preset to another. So what I am doing, is writing down the Delay (in this example)  and it’s parameter settings, then changing to that same delay in Preset B and manually dialing the settings from Preset A in. Then of course saving Preset B to secure the changes. A very long winded (and quite silly) way of doing things for sure.


Is there another easier way to do this?


Second ... in the event that you make changes and overwrite a stock preset, then want to get that one preset back with it's original settings .... how do you do it? I definitely don't want to factory reset the entire amp to get one overwritten preset back.  Are all the stock presets in the Spider V "cloud" and with the Spider editor you search for that one by name then bring it back in that way ????

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