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Control The Line6 Pod X3 Live With Ipad With Midi Designer App

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Guitarist François Desnoyers has been one of the most influential people in the MIDI Designer Community. Features from his suggestion list are still being implemented in every MIDI Designer release, and his international French is behind the French App Store text. But as you can see from his layouts, he’s serious about making MIDI Controllers, like this one for the Pod X3.

Pod X3 users tell us that they love having this level of control. As the author himself says, “I finally found a way to control my LINE6 gears from my iPad without having to spend days trying to understand how the tool works.â€

If you own a Pod X3 and an iPad, you owe it to yourself to check this out. It’ll make you realize just how much that little red box is capable of.


Bank 1

  • POD X3 LIVE main controls
  • POD X3 LIVE – Main + Reverb + Delay libraries and controls
  • POD X3 LIVE – Main + EQ and Wah libraries and controls
  • POD X3 LIVE – Main + Modulation library and controls
  • POD X3 LIVE – Main + Stomp boxes library and controls

Bank 2

  • Guitar Amplifiers
  • Guitar Cabinets + Pre-Amplifiers (Guitar, Bass and Voice)
  • Bass Amplifiers and Cabinets


Instructions for Use

  1. Buy MIDI Designer Pro or unlock MIDI Designer Lite
  2. Check out the instructions, screenshots, a short video and the read me file on the Community Site.
  3. Long press on the MIDI Designer layout and use “Open In…†to open it in MIDI Designer Pro or Lite unlocked.





Source: http://mididesigner.com/community/midi-controller-for-the-line6-pod-x3-live/

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