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2nd hand POD go & IRs how to register


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IRs are not Line 6 products, except for a very few that you can get from Line 6 for free and don’t need any sort of registration or licensing. The vast majority of IRs are purchased from 3rd party vendors and are managed like other software products. You pay, you get permission to download, and their use is governed by a licensing agreement which typically precludes file sharing. Again, there’s no post-purchase registration. Once you’ve bought them they are yours to use per the licensing agreement.


The used POD Go you purchased does not include a license for the IRs. The seller may have left them loaded on the device but in all likelihood he/she has no licence to do that. If you actually have the IR files on your device your conscience needs to guide you as to if/how you use them but you don’t need to register them. If you don’t already have the files you will need to purchase them. The Helix Marketplace sells lots of IRs from different vendors. You can also buy them directly from those and other vendors.

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