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No Sound When Turned On


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I only have it plugged into a powered speaker. Sometimes when I turn the unit on, there is no sound.

Turning dials or changing patches doesn't help. I actually have to shut it off and turn it back on and then I have sound.

It's been doing this for many months and never really got concerned about it until this past weekend. It took 3 shut offs

and start ups to get sound. Now I'm concerned whatever is going on may get worse and eventually not have any sound.

Anyone else have this issue?


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I have done 1 update since I purchased it. Don't know if it is the latest. At work right now.

I get the point about cables and I can certainly try switching some the next time but I

do know none of the cables move between turning the unit on or off so there should not

be any shorts. I am using a power strip with an on and off button to turn on the pod and speakers

at the same time.

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