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HX Stomp: MIDI via USB from Android phone? Exp. assign to A/B split?


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Hi Everyone,


 I hope that you are all healthy and doing OK in these difficult times.


I'm  considering buying the HX stomp and have 2  questions:


1) Is it possible to control snapshot select, preset select , tuner select etc. via MIDI through USB (USB OTG-cable) through an Android-phone ?


2) Is it possible to place an A/B split first in the signal chain and control the volume going to both paths with an expression pedal (Line 6 EX-1)

and to do volume swells this way? I know the panning between path A and B with an expression pedal is possible, but I want to do volume swells (both paths simultaneously) this way.


Thanks in advance .


Have a nice day,


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1) If the phone can send MIDI, it'll work if the OTG cable is compatible with the HXS USB (IDK).

2) If you want the swell before the effects, you'll need a volume block before the split. If you want the swell after the effects, you can 

a) merge the paths with a volume block last,

b) use a volume  block on each path (separate outputs), or

c) assign the expression pedal to the volumes on the Output Block(s).



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Hi rd2rk,


Thanks a lot for your fast reply.


Ok, so as far as MIDI goes:

My phone can send MIDI messages, I'll then  have to test whether the HX Stomp is compatible with the cable.


Expression control:

I want the volume pedal  to be first in the chain and to affect  both paths equally.

I was hoping to not have to use a volume block, but to assign the expression pedal to the parameters of the split block to control the level of the signal going to both paths.


But unfortunately that doesn't seem possible, right?

The manual unfortunately is not detailed enough in so many ways.


Thanks again for your answer.


Have a nice weekend,




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