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PowerCab 112 Plus - XLR out to audio interface includes feedback?

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Has anyone else discovered this? I recently was pleased to hear some feedback coming from the PowerCab speaker (using V30 speaker emul) when standing in front of it with high output pickups and somewhat high gain amp + boost. I was really surprised, but thinking about it, I suppose that's just how it should work. Anyway, more recently I'm working on a song that I want to record in Reaper, and one of the guitar tracks has some feedback during the intro (it's a .mogg file of The Donnas - New Kid in School). So I'm planning on muting all the original guitar tracks and record all my own tracks, which is what I usually do. Well, I'd like to even record that bit of feedback, and figured I'd mic up the PC speaker and see how it goes.


Since my normal setup includes one channel of the UX2 getting input from the PowerCab's XLR out, I had left that on while recording. So I was recording the mic'd speaker in one channel, and the XLR out in the other. I expected that what I would hear recorded was feedback only in the mic'd channel, and no feedback from XLR out. I was shocked to hear that the recording included the feedback!! This is actually very cool, and was very unexpected.

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remember that the feedback is coming from the guitar......its the instrument reacting to volume. Therefore any and all sounds travel from the guitars output.

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