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Notch Filter?


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Is there any way to do a notch filter using the Pro HD500?


I have an acoustic with piezo pickup that has a nasty resonance right around 3100 hz and I just want to put a notch as narrowly as possible right there at 3000 or so.  I don't see any good way to do that.


On that subject, I don't see any good documentation for the EQs. What is the shift EQ for example?

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Use the Parametric EQ..


Here is a useful video clip showing how to use it as a notch filter..


and here you can see a table with the correspondences between values expressed in percentages in the Parametric EQ in the POD and the values in Hz:




All about POD HD500/X

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Thanks, that is helpful, though I feel like the notch is still a little too wide at max Q settings (it's not a true notch, just a deep narrow cut). This guitar is under warranty still, so hopefully I can get this fixed and won't need the notch. It's probably just the placement of the piezo pickup.


It's sad that Line6 doesn't document these EQs better. They are really very poorly explained in the manual.

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