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As Cruisinon2 states, yes, you can do this easily with Helix, either of two ways: 1) do it onboard using SAVE function, then selecting Setlist and Preset to overwrite. See Helix Owner Manual for the exact steps. Then practice it yourself. 2) use HXEdit, which provides copy and paste functions that are easy to use. See HX Edit Pilot's Guide for the exact steps. In my experience, HX Edit is far faster to use to 'group' your presets.


Further Suggestion: after you have established your group of presets, rename a blank preset to be a 'separator' for groupings of presets. Eg '--Sadites' or '--Dual Amps' or what have you. Make sure the separators are on a numbered preset number that is a multiple of 4: when paging through the presets, you will see your separator preset, then all the actual ones following in the same bank. Helps remind you of your groupings as you work with your Helix!


Good luck

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