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Issues Setting up Helix on Computer


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Started to set up Helix on the Computer got some drivers, downloaded Line 6 Updater 1.2 and Helix Edit 3.1.  The Updater recognized the Helix and I started to do some of the firmware updates.  Got one done and it appears on the screen it says rebuilding preset 45 and Firmware version 1.065 and you can't do anything else.


The Helix Editor doesn't recognize the helix is connected to computer.  The Updater doesn't show the helix to do other updates.  


I am stuck not sure what to do.  I am running my windows 7 desktop.  


Need Help

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Don't Panic! You should be fine. And, if the Helix unit you have (your post didn't mention which Helix unit you have) is otherwise not damaged, it should be fine once it is reset and loaded with the proper firmware, etc.


Browse to HelixHelp.com. Look at the Tips & Guides > Reset Options for the model Helix Unit you have. Use the power on button sequence to accomplish the Factory Update. This should reset your hardware leaving it ready to accept what you'll do next. 


Uninstall all the Helix and Line 6 software you have on your computer! 


Then, re-download the latest 3.01 version of HX Edit to your hard drive. This will assure that you have a clean download from the Line 6 website. Install HX Edit and allow it to install all the drivers, etc. Then once HX Edit's install has completed, connect your Helix to your computer and launch HX Edit. HX Edit should recognize your hardware. Log into your Line 6 account via HX Edit. You should then see that there are firmware updates available for your Helix. 


If you can't resolve this tonight, hopefully others will be able to assist over the weekend, and if still no good, you'll need to submit a Support Ticket or call Line 6 on Monday. 


Hope this helps. 


Do Post back to let others following this thread how things work out. 

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