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Unplugged USB wont connect again


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Accidently unplugged the USB from my laptop while using Helix. It won't reconnect now!


Any ideas on how to fix it? I have tried a different port and a different cable.


What kind of device is the helix listed as  in the device manager of windows 10?



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You've tried rebooting the laptop, right?

Just checked mine - in Device Manager, it shows under Audio Inputs/Outputs as Digital Audio Interface and Speakers. Under Line 6 as Helix Floor. Under Sound, Video and Games Controllers as Line 6 Helix.

Unplugged mine, reconnected fine, though, I didn't have any of the associated software open.

Usual advice really, switch everything off and back on again. Helix shouldn't suffer, unless in the middle of data transfer. USB driver might be affected - I'm getting similar issues with a Steinberg UR22C,,, both use Yamaha drivers.

Maybe try reinstalling driver?

Other than that, disabled USB Port suspend - Google/Youtube for instruction.

Good luck.


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3 hours ago, Bendad said:

Any ideas on how to fix it?



I stumbled across this info a while back - not sure if it helps, I’m Mac based, but here ya go.




Make sure your Helix is plugged in directly to the computer, no hubs or secondary connections.

You could also try to deleting the interlock file for the driver.

Here is where its located: Go to the interlock file. The path is: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\HelixInterlock

Close the updater, delete HelixInterlock file and re-launch the app.



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By any chance did you upgrade the firmware through HX Edit since the last time you unplugged the USB? If you did that you should have also downloaded and installed the matching version of HX Edit with all boxes checked to make sure you have the latest Windows drivers.

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