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Valve Hd100 Tubes

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Hey people,

first of all sorry for my english. I have a question on you. Before a half year i replaced my power tubes the big ones. They are 4. I am worried about one thing. I know that this power 4 power tubes are paired so 2 and 2. I´ve noticed that 2 middle tubes are more hotter than the another two which are on edges. I dont know if it´s normal. Someone told me that it could be normal thing cause you cant have to reach all performance of amp. And one of them paired tubes are primary and second pair is secondary. So the one pair of that tubes will be more hotter cause you use that one pair of circuit more than the secondary. I dont know do you have some advice if am i right or not? 

Thanks so much

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If you replaced the tubes then the amp needs to be rebiased. If you dont the idle current will be higher in some tubes, possibly making them hotter. Have it done by a tech unless you are used to working around lethal voltages even when its unplugged. Itll sound better too with no crossover distortion.



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