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Sound tip: Pod Go Return Level as Master Volume for very loud amps


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Wanted to share some experiences with you guys:


I borrowed my dad's JCM 800 2203 reissue this week and been using the Pod Go a lot with the 4 cable method.


First of all, using the 2204 pod go preamp and the real one I got really impressed: the Line 6 2204 sounds so close that I can't tell them apart.


I was having a little trouble with the volume, since I live in an apartment and this amp is reaaaally loud. Also, the master volume on this amp seems to get really trebly on low positions.


Since this amp effects loop is after the master volume I tried to put the master volume on the amp in 4 (really loud for my home) and used the return level of the Pod's fx loop as the master volume.


I was really impressed: that sounded much better!


So I wanted to share this experience with you guys and, if you want, I can share some tone comparison audios! haha


Any of you already did it?

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